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What to Carry to the Gym

When you are into fitness and staying healthy, one of the foremost things to take care of is your exercise routine. Among the many forms of exercise one can do, going to the gym is the most preferred as one gets to do a variety of exercises on a regular basis, within one area and can also have a personalized trainer. Today the gyms are well equipped with not only the best gym equipment, but also have dieticians and other fitness experts, who can help you reach your goal.

Your Part

So, how can you ensure you are well equipped too, when you go to such a gym? Here are a few things one must carry to look the part and ensure they don’t forget the essentials while exercising.

A Proper Bag

Though any bag at home could probably fit in all your things, you cannot carry a big beach tote bag or a handbag to the gym, if you want to blend in.

Carry a sporty gym bag. There are a number of brands selling a variety of these bags. You can choose based on your preference and the things you plan to carry.

You can opt for a duffle bag, a back pack, a sling bag or a kit bag.

They come in different colors, materials and sizes, so as to suit everyone’s needs.

With these bags, one can never go wrong.


When you are working out, your focus should be on the exercise you are doing and if it is really helping you reach your goal. However, muses can really help in keeping you motivated and energized mentally. A good track can help you continue pumping those muscles and finish the routine.
Carry a smartphone loaded with your favorite tracks or carry a compact iPod. However, never forget your headphones. Though the big headphones can deliver music with the very high clarity, it is not suitable for a gym. It will not only look bulky, but will also slip off when you are exercising and cause a distraction. Use the in-ear headphones that can be neatly tucked away when you are not using it or stored in your bag easily.

Water Bottle

One must never forget to hydrate themselves. Though many gyms have water bottles that can be used, it is always better to carry your own bottle. This way, you can keep a track of the quantity consumed. Consuming a lot of water is very essential to ensure your body is well replenished and does not suffer any injuries.
When you are consciously consuming a set liters of water a day, using a different bottle may make you lose count. Carrying your own bottle will also offer you the comfort other bottles won’t.
If you like to take a walk around your gym and use the water fountains, you can do so to refill your bottle. You may need more water on your way back home; hence it is always better to carry a bottle with you.


You need the right shoes as using the inappropriate ones can result in serious injury. You cannot workout in your flip flops or formal shoes either.

Hence, invest in a good pair of sport shoes that is suitable for both running and the gym flooring. Ensure the grooves are good enough to give you a good grip while walking or running on the treadmill.

Food Bag

Part of your fitness goal lies in what you eat. When you eat right, it makes it easier to achieve the goal set. Not everyone gets to go back home, shower, eat and go to work or other places. Many will have to make do with the showers in the gym and carry their food with them and eat on the way, or at their work place.

In such cases, it is better to carry the food in a proper food bag, specially designed for this purpose. The food you carry to work as lunch on regular days is different from these meal preps. When you are switching to clean and healthy eating, you tend to carry different fruits, vegetables, etc for all three meals, rather than grab something to eat outside.

Along with food, you will need water, forks, spoons, etc. These bags come in various sizes to suit your needs. One of the biggest advices by a dietician is to eat more number of meals on a frequent basis, rather than three large meals. Hence, these bags can accommodate even size meals. The boxes come in different sizes to contain different quantities for different meals.


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